The 1st Annual Men's PVL tournament is over with Team Florida Wave edging out myself and Team Lights Out in 4 games 19-25, 25-23, 25-22, 27-25 Tuesday night, in front of an amazing crowd at the Reno, Nevada convention center. 

It was the first time since 1987, that a Men's indoor professional event has been held in the United States, the latest attempt in 2007 by the 'American Pro Volleyball League' never making it passed the initial tryouts. This year for the inaugural Premier Volleyball League event, there was a total of 5 teams representing 5 different regions, fighting for the PVL title and 6,000 dollars.

PVL Teams
Team Florida Wave - Florida Region
Team Lights Out - Great Lakes Region
Team New England - New England Region
Norcal Premier - Northern California Region
Team Western Empire - Western New York Region

In Correlation with the Boy's Junior Olympics, the event was held throughout 4 days, drawing intrigue and many eyes of the participants of the largest boy's volleyball tournament in America. Even though this is the first event for the men, there has already been two women's events, the first in 2012 held at USA Open National Championships in Salt Lake City with 12 teams and this year in Louisville, Kentucky fielding 15 teams. As a grass roots professional volleyball league, the goal of the PVL is to eventually create a successful and sustainable indoor professional league in the US for post collegiate athletes, eventually fielding 20 women's teams and 20 men's teams. 

The event put on by the PVL President, Steve Bishop and USA Volleyball was a huge success, not only marking the first time since 1897 that professional indoor volleyball has been played in America and to make a connection with America's youth and developing role model's for the competitors at the Junior Olympics.

The event was a huge success and a great start to developing an elite-post collegiate opportunity here in the United States for America's best athletes while also creating role models for the continually growing junior volleyball community. I couldn't of ask for a better time, creating great friends, while having the opportunity to play the game I love for the first time professional here in America, in front of my friends and family. Even though, my team wasn't able to capture the first title, it was amazing to have the opportunity to be apart of this amazing event and to hopefully capture the hearts and inspire the next generation of USA volleyball. 

Special thanks again to USA volleyball and the PVL for hosting this amazing event and in hope that this is only the beginning of an amazing journey to get professional volleyball back to America once again, where it belongs.


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