There was a lot of excitement and a lot of intrigued surrounding court 4 at the Reno, Nevada Convention Saturday as the PVL debuted their first event in correlation with the USA boy's Junior Olympics.

Players, parents and fans of the Junior Olympics, found themselves layered around the court watching the first ever matches of the Professional Volleyball League. The play has climbed up another level today as many of the players overcame a combination of rust and anxioty. Still, the level of play caused a quick buzz around the convention center filling the surrounding seats with curiosity and excitement, with 'oo's' and 'ahh's' concluding each dramatic rally.

With a new wave of young team's coming in today, the goal is the same, to provide a high level of volleyball, un seen in America and to inspire and provide hope to the next generation of boy's volleyball in America. One thing is for certain, the PVL and professional volleyball has arrived back in America and I couldn't be happier to be apart of it.
Standing room only on championship court of the boy's 18-Open Finals, a glimpse of what's to come Tuesday for the first ever PVL finals. Photo: USAVB
Well, maybe not quite yet but it's a great start, today marking the first event of the PVL, or the Professional Volleyball League. 5 teams, from 5 different regions scattering some of the best American talent from coast to coast to fight for the inaugural title.

More importantly it is being held in correlation with the Boy's Junior Olympics, giving a much need exposure to the youth and the future of the sport. Even with the USA men's national team holding a #5 ranking in the world and a gold medal from Beijing, America is void of a professiona Volleyballl league. America's elite athletes are forced to leave home, sacrifice family and friends to continue their career overseas, playing anywhere from Asia, Europe or South America, leaving no trace of volleyball past the collegian level in the States.

Growing up and discovering volleyball late in my childhood I only had one goal, which was to become the best player I could be and to continue playing in college. With no connection to the national team, nor the thought of a chance to live and play volleyball professionally, there wasn't much thought to fight for an amazing life playingl volleyball after college. Today the youth of volleyball and the next generation of Olympians, get a taste of professional volleyball and hopefully a passion can grow not just in their hearts but America as well and we can bring back professional volleyball to the USA.

I'm proud to be apart of the PVL and hope this is just the start of something great in growing the game.

It's goning to be hard to miss the lime green in Reno this week.