3 days have gone by and it has been such a great experience here in Reno participating in the PVL. My teammates, representing the Great Lakes Region have been amazing, taking in a Southern California kid on their team and instantaneously making me feel like one of the guys.

Most of the guys from the team, have backgrounds stemming from IPFW, Loyola or  in other MIVA teams (Midwestern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association). I had no doubt that they were all great guys but it was amazing how similar their personalities and character were to my teammates back in California. Lighthearted, quick to make fun of themselves and always supportive on the court, I couldn't have imagined better teammates to begin this 4 day journey with. All from different backgrounds, we all share a great passion for volleyball and the expansion and growth of the sport America.  

With today concluding the first ever Premier Volleyball League event, I hope we can continue to compete with the passion and love of the game, which is just starting to grow within all the competitors of the Junior Olympics. With hope we can inspire the next generation and propel them to greatness.

Live streams for the Semis and Finals today

3:00pm (PST) Semis. v. New York

6:00pm (PSY) Finals v. Florida


Ryan Stafford, our anchor and big arm on the right will have a big impact on our quest as we look to grab the inaugural PVL title tonight. Photo: USAVB

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