Tonight 9:30 pm Brazilian time, we open the super league against the reigning champs, RJX Volei. We've had two great trainings in Rio and will take advantage of the rest of the time prior to the match to recover and to refocus for tonight's contest. 

RJX Volei, based in Rio returns Bruno (setter), Mario Jr (libero), both fixtures on this year's World League team for Brazil and to further their strengthen their bid for a 2nd title they have added the long time opposite for the Brazilian national team, Leandro Vissotto as well one of the most dominant middles in the world, Rodrigão. It's been a great month of training but I know everyone is excited as I am to begin Super League and to have first crack at the defending champs in their home gym. It should be an amazing atmosphere with some of the best players in the world taking the court.

Here is the link for the game http://tv.onlinemoviesportsandtv.com/sport-tv-1-brazil-live-streaming/
If for some reason it goes down, https://www.facebook.com/pages/USA-Mens-Womens-Indoor-Volleyball-Fan-Zone/293577044082477 usually will find the back up. 

Start times:
Brazil: 9:30 pm
USA (PST): 5:30 pm
USA (EST): 8:30 pm
Finland: 1:30 am

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