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Saturday! It finally arrived and it was an unusual feeling, having no obligations for the whole day and at the same time, having no one to hang out with, friends or family in Brazil. With my family miles away, my teammates were all gone as well, granted a free weekend to spend time with their families before our last grind into regular season.

That meant yesterday, I had my first training session alone (practically alone) Orestes, a 31 year old middle blocker stayed an extra day accompanying me on the morning lift and afternoon practice. We were matched up with one of the assistant coaches, Kiko who mixed in different conditioning drills as well as up tempo digging and serve receive, going spot to spot, leaving no time to breath, only to find the focus for the next ball. The training was great, just what I was hoping for, to end the week in stride and hungry for more come Monday.

That leaves me back to today, with no obligations and no one to really guide me throughout the day, I made a move and took to the city. Re-tracking my way back to our gym, I found out first hand how electric a Saturday afternoon can be in Maringa and how beautiful the city is as well. I can’t wait to get back to training come Monday and to take in more of the city and the people here in Maringa, Brazil.


10/01/2013 11:40pm

I look forward to reading the rest of your articles. I have been researching endlessly on the details of how to get started with and off-the-grid home.


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