PictureFamily in France! Tomorrow in Brasil!
It’s February and usually this is around the time where it is the darkest outside and inside as well for many athletes living their dreams overseas. Each year I’ve encountered these rough moments and they are almost impossible to avoid, especially my first year playing in Finland, first time away from home, in a country where darkness rules the daytime and my family and friends were 5,000 miles away.

It’s the price we pay to live our dreams, pursing a professional career and for some, chasing the Olympics. To leave everything behind with the hopes to iron our sword overseas, hoping to comeback stronger then ever to make an impact with the National Team.

It can be very hard but the dream and the passion pushes us through these tough times, like a flashlight through the dark. I am so fortunate and grateful for this opportunity, the training, the fans, coaches, the new friends and family and of course to be able to do what I love best, which is to compete.

As the last month of regular season begins, I have the best gift of all, which are my parents. As they arrive tomorrow and like every other athlete, it’s Christmas all over again. To be able to share my life here with them and to know the days and nights will be filled with ear-to-ear smiles is the best feeling I can have.

Here are two videos from my year so far in Brazil. The first, I invite you to check out my passion, which of course is volleyball and the joy it is to put on a jersey every Saturday night and compete for Moda Maringa. The second is a quick glimpse into the life outside the court. Hanging out with the team on our last road trip as one of our coaches took hold the camera and had some fun. Hope you guys like it


Nate Moore
03/13/2014 7:42pm

Hi there, was just wondering how you were picked up by the teams in brazil? was it through scouting or did you travel over there to try to play for a team? How good were you at a highschool level also like previous playing experience? thanks


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